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5 Reasons Why You Should Get Enough Sleep

Some people struggle to have a complete set of hours for sleeping restfully. This might actually happen because of psychological reasons such as depression, overthinking, and stressful situations. However, lack of sleep can result in many serious physical disorders that might need intense and long term treatment. Stress and depression cause adenosine, the sleep stimulator hormone, to be disrupted and therefore result in sleep deprivation.

In fact, there are several reasons why you should have treatment for sleep deprivation and check with a gastroenterologist or neurologist as soon as you start to realize (look theraworx relief) the symptoms of sleep loss, read about http://virtualskystudio.com/theraworx-relief-reviews.html. So, here are the reasons why everyone should get a regular sleep routine at night.

Remarkable weight loss

People who suffer from sleep deprivation tend to lose more weight than usual. That is because total sleep inability stimulates metabolism and cause blood circulatory fluctuation. Also, it leads to appetite loss which consequently results in bad, insufficient nutrition which indeed negatively affect total physical health.

Flavors of the Heart

We are thrilled to present this video series on the role food plays in our lifestyle choices for health and happiness. Each episode features a demonstration of cooking a meal specifically chosen to benefit patients with a specific health condition. We interview patients to get their perspective, as well.

Our first episode is entitled "Flavors of the Heart". We discuss heart failure and how food choices can influence the health of heart failure patients - http://elavabotanik.com/rejuva-minerals-reviews.html. Our resident chef, Dr. George Persin, shows how quick and easy it is to prepare a wonderful heart-healthy meal of chicken and vegetables.

Enjoy the video and please leave a comment and let us know what you think!

Today's meal

Heart-Healthy Salad
Fruits and Nuts
Chicken and Vegetables


Entree: Mediterranean spiced chicken breast with grilled veggies and arugula salad.

How Poor Sleep Can Threaten Your Pregnancy

There is no doubt that during the months of pregnancy, expectant mothers face a lot of difficulties and painful situations. They also go through mood temporal mood swings and hormonal changes that may result in causing sleep issues for a pregnant lady. The lack of sleep definitely results in negative health issues for an expectant woman as it leads to unbalance the immune system and in worst cases, it may subversively lead to eating disorders. In fact, sleep issues is not only harmful during the months of pregnancy, but unfortunately it make troubles and difficulties during birth giving and may even cause a pre-term birth.

Sleep problems might be caused by depression. It is quite known that pregnant women usually practice depression because of the pains and burdens of pregnancy. Consequently depression plays an extremely significant role in causing sleep disorders, so use red fortera inability to sleep soundly at night and the sleeping intervals - Red Fortera.

The big belly size certainly pressures the back of pregnant women, that’s why the majority of the expectant women suffer from sore back pain which definitely lowers the possibility of having a restful sleep at night. Also, one main reason of sleep issues during pregnancy is hormonal changes.

Hormonal imbalance is simply the natural phase that each pregnant woman should go through. In this stage, the hormones of the female become completely unstable and fluctuating. Indeed, the disordered levels of progesterone and estrogen are quite recognizable and have the upper hand in causing restless sleep cases as progesterone is the hormone has a direct link with sleep conditions and mood changes.

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