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Understanding Breast Cancer

Cancer scare is very serious especially for women. Along with that, Internet myths about women and bra are linked to cancer. There is a notion buzzing around those women wearing bra often leads to breast cancer. But this is a myth busted as a study was published by the Cancer, Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention states that there is zero link between the life-threatening breast cancer and use of bra.

How this myth started?

Brassieres or bra is worn to support the breast so that back pain is avoided and it does not worn the Cooper’s suspensory ligaments. It is also used to reduce the pain of some women breastfeeding their children.

The link between breast cancer and wearing bra is linked because the brassiere may stress the breast tissues and eventually harming the draining in the lymph nodes located in the breast area. The inefficient draining is thought to prevent removing of the toing and wastes around the breast area. Many people then believe that this phenomenon can cause breast cancer.

How was this found out?

There was a study that involved about 1000 women interviewed with the most common cancer form. It is the invasive lobular carcinoma and the invasive ductal carcinoma. Then another set of 500 women was interviewed which are cancer-free. During the study, they were ask about their habits of wearing bra and other risk factors leading to breast cancer.

The result showed that there is no connection between these different types of cancer with women wearing bra most of the time. There is no link established between the size and cup of bra as well as using underwire bras or not. The age is also not a factor upon bra use as well as the number of hours per day a woman wears a bra.

Though the study is conclusive, there are still some biases that is not taken out of the picture when it comes to linking the bra and breast cancer together. The margin of error is still calculated since the interviewees memory may alter when it comes to gathering data especially when asked when was the first time they wore brassieres.